Elijah Turns One | Fort Irwin Family Session

Do you see the tiniest member of this adorable family in the center? That’ Elijah. He’s a curly-hair stud muffin who turned one not too long ago. It was a very sweet and precious opportunity to photograph him at 6, 9, and 12 months, especially since my dear Izzy was not too much older than Elijah and reaching all the appropriate milestones around the same time as he was. He started walking before I saw them at his 12-month session. This session was combined with a family session and they’re some of my favorites from all three sessions. Today, I’ll share some of my favorites. 

To see Elijah as a 6-month baby to a walking toddler was quite the honor. He barely wanted to be picked up at the last session since he was ready to explore the world with his newfound freedom (walking). When we celebrated Elijah’s first birthday with this session, it sure was a family affair. Elijah’s older siblings are smitten with their youngest brother; they’re also very kind, caring, and protective of him too. I remember asking their mother “what did you do right?” during one of the sessions because they’re such GOOD kids! When I see Elijah’s older siblings around our small town (it’s a very small installation excluding the training areas) it’s always a pleasure seeing their big grin and genuine “Hi Miss Sophia” from them. When it came time for me to meet at their home for the gallery reveal, I quickly could tell that their home was a place of belonging, a place where each member of the family feels loved. I absolutely loved seeing their family history through the many photographs on their wall, and now, these images will continue that story. To Elijah, may you continue to be a fun, curious, sweet boy! 

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