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SJP-Rebrand-Launch-WeekSay it isn’t so! Less than a week till I launch my new brand! The website will go live this Thursday, April 2nd! The fun doesn’t stop there, for I’ll be announcing my launch giveaway the following day (Friday, April 3rd).

What to expect with the rebrand :

  • A cleaner, fresher look with nature-inspired embellishments (if you haven’t caught on, my family and I are big on the outdoors!)
  • A new page dedicated to keeping you up to date on where my business and family are based.
  • A more relaxed bio page
  • Updated photo galleries
  • Newsletter to stay in the know with SJP and receive monthly tips and tricks (so excited for this!)
  • New pricing information

I can’t thank you all enough!

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Moving from one state to another isn’t easy, but I’ve learned that flexibility and an open mind is key. I’ll admit the transition from Alaska to Georgia was more emotional than I thought it would be.Although we missed our life in Alaska and knew Georgia would be very temporary, we saw our time in Georgia as a new place to explore and make warm adventures (instead of cold ones!). We’ve already enjoyed our hikes in Pine Mountain and family runs in Providence Canyon and can’t wait to add more to the list! My husband and I make the most of each place the Army sends us, especially me! My super bubbly and extroverted self loves to dig into the community exploring Columbus’s local flavor.

The Uptown Market Days is a major summer event that brings together local farms and businesses to downtown – now called uptown- Columbus every Saturday morning. Starting April 18th, you’ll find me and my short self at the Market Days! Come visit me and say hello! I’ll have photograph greeting cards and lovely little prints from my travels on display and available for purchase. From Alaska and Hawaii to California and Georgia, you’ll see a variety of landscape photography. Although wedding and portrait photography is my main focus, I enjoy documenting our outdoor adventures outside of work.

When my friend Meghan (of Swallow’s Heart) and I participated in the local Christmas bazaars this past winter in Alaska, we valued meeting our customers and loyal social media followers in person. This summer at the Market Days, I look forward to being under the Georgia sun having conversations with new friends.

travel_photography_Georgia_providencetravel_photography San Diego Hawaii Alaskatravel_photography_Alaska

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FRIENDS! Since the end of 2014, SJP has been undergoing the rebranding process with Laynie & Belle. It’s more than just a brand new look, it’s an entirely new brand, and yes, pun intended. I’m ECSTATIC to share my new brand with you, and it’s almost ready for launch. After many hours of “digging deep” to the countless conversations with my amazing friends and supportive husband, it’s all coming together!

A big launch isn’t complete without having a little fun! You know that’s right (if anyone has ever seen the show Psych, you know who I sound like here)! Next week, as I give more details about the launch, I will announce a GIVEAWAY! As for now, enjoy the little glimpse of SJP’s new brand below!

Stay tuned friends!sophiajordan rebrand launch soon

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Tax Tips for Photographers Sophia Jordan PhotoSpring is a beautiful time of the year. The flowers are budding but they aren’t the only ones. New photographers are blossoming all over the nation, and if you’re one of those brave souls, go you! One of the many hurdles we need to overcome to successfully run a business is the management of our finances. It’s easy to get caught up with the fun and colorful parts of running a creative business, believe me I know! However, we must not neglect the legalities. For those filing taxes as a new business owner, I know it can be scary, but let’s own it rather than letting it control us. I’ve drawn up five tax preparation tips that you can start doing now to make the filing process next year much smoother and to ultimately make your businesses financially and legally healthy. Disclaimer: The information from Sophia Jordan Photography’s website and this blog post does not constitute as legal advice. 


  1. SEPARATE ALL PERSONAL AND BUSINESS (I can’t stress this enough!!!)
    • This means different bank accounts and credit cards. This has immensely helped me stay organized and on top of my finances from day one.
    • Separate folders in your filing cabinet, binders, or whichever system that keeps your personal and business information.
    • At checkout, write on top of the receipt a little note to remind yourself what that purchase was for (i.e. supplies, advertising materials, etc.).
    • If you receive digital receipts via email, create a folder in your email software where you can store them. I have two categories in my email for labeling digital receipts: “Need to itemize Receipts” and “Itemized Receipts”.
    • Decide on a storage method that fits you best, whether that’s filing the physical receipt in a folder or scanning a digital copy to your computer. If you do the second method, make sure you backup your files!
    • Schedule an “accounting day” once a month, or every two weeks if you can, to organize and update your financial data. The time you spend here will result in less time you spend at the end of the year prepping for your tax returns. I use this time to itemize receipts, print and save my monthly summary reports, double check bank transactions, file my monthly sales tax, and much more.
    • Consider this as a part of your office hours.
    • Create a list of “to-do’s” for this particular day.
    • There are many out there that range in pricing and kind. Research the available features of each software and decide on what YOU need in an accounting software.
      • Free vs. Paid- There are free softwares such as Wave Apps and Freshbooks to paid software that offer more customizability such as Quickbooks and Quicken.
      • Online or Cloud-based vs. Desktop version- For example, Quickbooks online versus quickbooks for Windows/Mac.
      • Simple vs. intricate- Do you need to pay employees? Do you need a software that is accessible through different electronic devices? Do you only need basic income and expense reports and nothing more?
  5. CONSULT OR HIRE A CPA WHO SPECIALIZES IN SMALL-BUSINESSES…or even better, creative small-businesses!
    • Whether it’s for a few questions or to file your taxes, they can help!
    • Since they’re educated and trained in the tax laws and system, they can help you when it comes to finding areas in which you can save on taxes.
    • Take advantage of the wealth of information available online to you through Rachel Brenke’s blog, The Law Tog, and Amy Northland‘s blog.
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Copyright (C) Sophia Jordan Photography

Under an overcast Georgia winter sky, I met with the soon-to-be parents, Kalysha and Corey. How we connected was a different story. Kalysha’s sister-in-law, Sherley, is a sweet friend of mine who I met in Alaska (side note: we even collaborated on two epic styled photoshoots! Sherley is a funny, passionate lady and a talented makeup artist!). Missing her family in Georgia and anticipating the arrival of her nephew, Sherley connected us to document an exciting time in her family.  I was fairly new to the Peach State but ever so grateful to start my time in Georgia with this lovely couple. Although they live in Alabama, we met in Kalysha’s hometown of Columbus. She was all ready for a special day dedicated to her baby boy, for the maternity session wasn’t the only baby-related celebration. After the session, She and Corey headed over to her baby shower to celebrate with her Georgia family.

Their baby boy was welcomed to the world this past week. I know they’re loving every minute of their precious bundle of joy!Copyright (C) Sophia Jordan Photography www.sophiajordanphotography.comCopyright (C) Sophia Jordan Photography www.sophiajordanphotography.comCopyright (C) Sophia Jordan Photography www.sophiajordanphotography.comCopyright (C) Sophia Jordan Photography www.sophiajordanphotography.comCopyright (C) Sophia Jordan Photography www.sophiajordanphotography.comCopyright (C) Sophia Jordan Photography www.sophiajordanphotography.comCopyright (C) Sophia Jordan Photography www.sophiajordanphotography.comCopyright (C) Sophia Jordan Photography www.sophiajordanphotography.comWe “sended” off with an airplane shot! This metal plane wall decor is now hanging in their baby boy’s room.
Copyright (C) Sophia Jordan Photography

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